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Vital Signs


After many months of data collection Kevin Haberl and his Vital Signs team are ready to release Squamish's latest Vital Sign Report.  This has been a truly team effort and we are proud to make this important community informaton available to you.

To view the 2014 Vital Signs report

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What is Vital Signs?

Vital Signs is an annual community check-up conducted by community foundations across Canada that measures the vitality of our cities, identifies significant trends, and assigns grades in at least ten areas critical to quality of life.

Each city's report card data is a compilation of numerous research sources, much of it local, that help communities make connections between issues and trends in different areas. The findings are presented in a reader friendly format to make them as accessible as possible.

How it Works

  • Collate broad range of data. Community foundations develop a distinctly broad picture of the community using relevant national data and identifying local research on a wide range of subject areas.
  • Engage the community: Vital Signs reflects the community because it involves the community at every level, from determining the report's indicators and exploring research sources, to assigning grades.
  • Publish research you can read! Community foundations are committed to publishing a reader-friendly document that appeals to a wide range of readers looking for a snapshot of quality of life and of community vitality.
  • Issue areas - Each foundation collects data in at least 10 shared issue areas such as health, the environment, education, work, health and wellness.

Community foundations are well-suited to this kind of work because of the broad role we play in our communities. Community foundations work with a wide range of community groups - not just one charity or sector. This gives us a comprehensive view of local issues and the ability to make connections between various needs and issues.

Measuring the vitality of Canadian communities in critical areas will help community foundations:

  • Increase the effectiveness of our grant making
  • Better inform our donors about issues and opportunities in the community
  • Assist us in making connections between individuals and groups to address those issues