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Who Qualifies

Any Qualified organization may apply for grants,to qualify for GRANTS, projects must comply with the following criteria:

  • Benefit the people of the District of Squamish
  • Be a registered charity
  • Have a BN/Registration number
  • Be put forward by non-profit organization with a CRA charitable registration number (BN _____ RR000-)
  • Have a definite purpose and be completed in a specific period of time
  • Include provision for an evaluation and realistic plan for financial viability beyond the pilot stage

Capital projects will be considered if there is a demonstrated need

SCF encourages the participation of other organizations in funding projects and may provide matching funds or challenge grants to stimulate increased responses from other sources.

GRANTS are not:

  • Awarded to retire debt or fund projects already completed.
  • Awarded to fund religious organizations for direct religious activities.
  • Made to promote activities or support advocacy initiatives.
  • Made to establish or add to endowed funds
  • Available to annual fund drives for sustaining support
  • Made to be used towards operating or capital deficits